Trump vs Clinton

Trump vs Clinton

Who gets elected for office in the United States will make a huge difference in the international political landscape, but since we’re a business community, we’re going to tackle the economic aspects of this issue rather than the political one.

The United States is one of the most dominant economical powers in our world today, when their economy crashed in 2008, most european and middle eastern markets crashed with it. Since then, Obama’s administration have been working on reform policies and effective maneuvers to restore their economy, they’ve successfully saved the American car industry, banking and insurance sectors as well as countless businesses in the private sector, bringing  unemployment down from 10% in October 2009 to 4.9% in June 2016.

Over the past eight years, Obama reverted to diplomatic solutions instead of military ones in the Middle East and built his foreign policies based on collaboration with globalized open markets from around the world, which allowed our Lebanese businessmen and entrepreneurs to be part of a growing global market and bring a lot of profits home.

On the 8th of November 2016, Obama will be leaving office with approval rating of about 50%, and a new president will be voted in, the options are either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s foreign policy is not really clear so far, but all his campaign statements indicate that he is for closing the borders and enforcing brutal military force in the Middle East, which will bring more chaos to our region creating more instability in Lebanon, more refugees, more ISIS camps moving to Lebanon leading to a much worse economy.

Clinton was the secretary of state in Obama’s administration, she orchestrated his foreign policy of diplomacy and openness to global markets, and her plan is to continue what the Obama administration started, slowly bringing stability instead of chaos, and supporting international trade instead of closing down the borders, attacking terrorist organizations instead of attacking the entire region carelessly.

This is all speculation of course, but so far our interest is aligned with Clinton’s approach, we want terrorism to come to an end as much as every other nation, but we want it done without creating more chaos in the region and without destroying our economy even more.

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Marwan Rashid
LFBC Correspondent