Secrets to becoming a millionaire according to Daniel Ally

Daniel Ally is a self made millionaire and a business expert, who in an article to The Entrepreneur, shared his secrets to success, here are the highlights of his article:

Dealing with People

Eventually, I became fireproof. In the process of reaching the seven-figure mark, I’ve learned dealing with people is the most important attribute. No one can become a millionaire without knowing how to deal with people assertively. You must be prepared when your best friends turn on you or your family betrays you. Sometimes, it will happen at the most unpredictable times.

Forgiving People

I had to let old friends and family members know that I was moving on in my life. One time, I pulled a cousin over to the side at a family gathering and told him the truth about how I felt. Strangely enough, he unexpectedly died the next week. If I had not forgiven him for his transgressions, it would have haunted me for years.

Asking for Help

At a certain point in my business, I couldn’t grow any further until I hired a few key people. Asking for help wasn’t my forte, but I had to make it happen. Within months I had a lawyer, editor, personal trainer, part-time chef, and other personnel. It cost me a fortune at first, but eventually helped push me into the million-dollar mark. Most people won’t ask for help because their ego is in the way.

Fixing My Attitude

Creating excuses was one of my greatest obstacles. I used to blame my environment and upbringing. I allowed my circumstance to dictate my life, instead of taking control of my life. Eventually, I had to let go of these excuses and limitations. Many times, I had to submit myself into the “attitude shop,” where I would sit in my study to renew my mind and change my perspective.

Taking Risks

Before reaching the seven-figure mark, you must take many risks. Taking risks requires much faith in yourself and others, but it must be done. Faith is knowing that what you want will eventually happen as long as you believe it. You’ll have to take major leaps in your life, sometimes not even knowing where it will lead. However, it will pay off once you get to the other side, even if you burn a bridge or two in the process.

Becoming Professional

There’s a great difference between an amateur and a professional. In my amateur days, I would design my own websites, cut my own hair, and change my own oil in my car. All of this would take up valuable time and effort, causing major frustration in the process.

Nowadays, I leave these duties to the professionals since that’s what they do best. This way, I maximize all of my talents, which allow me to reach my highest potential. Today, I only keep the best people around me. It costs a little bit more, but I’ve learned the value in “paying the price.” That’s what professionals do.

Acquiring Skills

You need the skills to pay the bills. I’m always practicing my keynote. I’m writing a minimum of 3,000 words per day. I’m sending out hundreds of emails each week and making at least a dozen calls on my busiest days. Do my skills increase? Substantially. That’s why I’m continually adding more value to more people in less time.

Give Relentlessly

As a teenager, I naturally scoffed at people who volunteered in my community. By my early 20’s I became the biggest volunteer in town! My life was changed once I learned the value of giving my time, energy, money, and creativity to others. When you give, you get far more in return. I discovered that the richest people give the most, that’s why they get the most! The secret of living is giving.

Following Your Purpose

I was deeply enlightened when I learned this fact: when you become bigger than your purpose, you can’t do anything. However, when your purpose becomes bigger than you, anything is possible. This means that if you take part in a purpose greater than yourself, you can achieve every goal you put your mind to!

Let me simplify how you can become a millionaire in under five years: be true to yourself. Only take opportunities that allow you the greatest chance to promote explosive growth in your life. Usually, it’s by taking a sales position or starting your own business. If you have the desire and potential to make it happen, you can become a millionaire before you know it!


Marwan Rashid
LFBC Correspondent