Surviving Our Economic Crisis

For the past few years, Lebanon has been going through a rough economic terrain, our GDP is going down, so many companies going bust or moving out, unemployment skyrocketing and things are stabilizing at the bottom, but there’s hope for us, “in us”…

Allow us to elaborate, in the past, when our existence in this country was at risk, we didn’t give up and we didn’t leave, in fact, we stood up, fought hard and survived. Today, we are facing the same risk but with a different type of war, when our businesses are at risk, and our people are unemployed and migrating to other countries, then, once again, our existence is at risk, but the question remains, what are we going to do?

Will we give up and move our businesses to a more stable country, or will we stay and fight back, resist, expand to new markets, employ only Lebanese citizens, and simply ignore the crisis.

Yes, ignore the crisis, we’re well aware that those words are starting to seem nonsensical to you, but let’s look at our economical situation in reverse: Our marketplace is low on cash, why? because businessmen are afraid to invest more and inject their cash into the market, why? because of political instability. So if we can simply ignore the political instability and start investing again, our market will be flooded with cash, all businesses will produce again and our economic cycle will go back to normal again…

The line between prosperity and crisis in our case is fear, and it’s up to us either to resist, stand up, believe in our country and drive our economy to safety, or simply give up and leave.

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Marwan Rashid
LFBC Correspondent