Emaar Full Speed


Property and development giant, Emaar, declares a “full trust policy” in Dubai’s returning market after the 2008 financial fall, revealing a plan of rolling out a new project every week throughout 2014. They’ve already announced 7 new projects during the first 8 weeks of this year, with estimated revenues reaching $272 million per project.


Dinosaur in Dubai !


Dubai’s largest developer, “Emaar” has invested in buying a 150 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, to showcase it in Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is Emaar’s flagship shopping and entertainment center with a footfall of 6.25 million visitors per month, in an attempt to raise the bar even higher, increase attraction and visitors, they invested in buying a… Continue reading


Tony Fadell, $3.2 Billion Deal


Tony Fadell is a Lebanese / American engineer and inventor, Born in Detroit, he moved with his family throughout the country, attended many schools and moved to Silicon Valley when he was twenty years old, where he founded six companies, three of which he sold with sizeable profits, and three were closed down, after which… Continue reading


We like to “Click” more than “Drive”


We don’t go to the post office to send business letters and proposals anymore, we have email now, and we definitely don’t buy a collection of 40 books to have an encyclopedia at home, we have Google for that, we don’t need to go to the bank to get a statement or transfer money anymore,… Continue reading