400 Million USD Ready to be Invested in Your Ideas


Here To Help You Start Up We’ve heard thousands of stories about Lebanese youngsters with bright ideas leaving the country to startup businesses abroad, igniting revolutions in their respective fields but depriving Lebanon of its innovative human recourses and market growth. We often asked the question, why leave? Why not here in Lebanon and be… Continue reading


Geagea Presidency, a New Hope for Lebanon


Never before has any presidential candidate in Lebanon run on such a profound and detailed economic & social program.  Dr. Geagea presidential candidacy has taken this democratic process that Lebanon goes through every six years to a higher level never seen before on the Lebanese political scene. The program that offers remedies and reforms to… Continue reading


The Lebanese Currency, Challenges and Prospectives


Governor of BDL “Banque Du Liban” Mr. Riad Saleme has won many awards for being able to keep a fixed exchange rate for the Lebanese Pound (Lira) in spite of the political instability, the current worsening security situation in Lebanon as well as the regional major conflicts. He was also able to slow down the… Continue reading


Our Economic Pride


Lebanon imports 9 times the amount of export out of the country, so you can freely assume that we don’t have an export sector, and if we did, the things we export are of no significant value. Well that’s where you’ll be wrong, we export the most valuable asset any nation can have, we export… Continue reading


Money by Trust

5 silver dollars

In the quest by the Greeks to find God and order in our chaotic Universe, they created the Greek Gods. A God for every power and a job for every God to control and manipulate the lives of people while enslaving them for their own capital gain Little did they know that their idea would… Continue reading