LFBC President Aziz Stephan attends CCIB event in honor of Saudi Ambassador in Lebanon

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LFBC President, Mr. Aziz Stephan, has attended a meeting at the “Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture” on April 29, 2015 hosted to honor his Excellency, the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Ali Awadh Asseri. The meeting was organized by the Lebanese private sector represented by the head of economic entities and the banking sector.… Continue reading


Rent Control law In Lebanon


Justice is a two-way street in which our government is having a problem with, especially that they want justice at no cost at all… let’s go back in time and understand the entire story. In 1992, and due to the hyper-inflation of that period, the government decided to extend the rent control law number 159… Continue reading


Economic Report 2014


Agriculture and Industry Lebanon’s primary and secondary sectors witnessed mixed performances domestically, and reported relative declines externally during 2014. On the internal front, demand went up on agricultural imports, while slightly falling at the level of industrial imports. On the external front, exports of both sectors recorded declines relative to the past year. Lebanon’s agricultural… Continue reading


Kris Kmeid on Stock Options

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Interview with Asset Manager, Kris Kmeid, explaining Stock Options


Stock Option

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What are options on equities? In our modern times, we can find many ways to invest in markets worldwide. As far as products go, the market has plenty. They can range from buying different currencies in relation to its other pair like buying Dollar per Euro, Yen per Dollar and many currency pairs. Other instruments… Continue reading