The Fastest Supercars Around The World


A recent argument I had with a friend led me to research, which of todays supercars is the fastest from 0 to 100KM. If you’re a petrol-head like us, you’d enjoy the results, so here they are: 1. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport 0-60mph in (reported) 2.46 seconds     2. Porsche 918 Spyder 0-60mph:… Continue reading


HTC One Review


HTC is the first company in the world to make a touch-screen smartphone. In the year 2000 they made the “IPAQ” for HP, in 2002 they made the first Microsoft powered Smartphone, and in 2005 the first Microsoft powered 3G smartphone. There’s no doubt that HTC has the smartphone pedigree, but how do they fair today… Continue reading


The Smartphones World


In this day and age, technology has taught us that there are no limits “everything is possible”. Ten years ago, if anyone would have told me that I’ll be able to be fully connected to my office at all times and places via my small mobile phone, I would have laughed… Today I can access… Continue reading


Renewable Energy, is it only an anti global warming tool to save the earth?


If you can stop paying that 50$ subscription to your local power generator, also stop paying your electrical bills and have your own power plant at home providing you with electricity 24/7 for free, wouldn’t you want it? It’s free and carefree electricity all year round!!! – I’m sorry, but I want one, wouldn’t you???… Continue reading


The ECO-Friendliness Sacrifice

Voiture électrique

Being eco-friendly comes at a cost for us Petrol Heads, or does it??? Allow me to explain… Just like the cave man that used to shiver and sweat when he comes across a fierce lion in a hunting trip, I am pre-programmed as a man to get excited and feel joy when I come across… Continue reading