The Lebanese Forces Business Community (LFBC) is a body within the Lebanese Forces Party (LF) entrusted with the task of building networks of business owners and business men and women in Lebanon and abroad. It is fully committed to support and promote the businesses of party members as well as friends and supporters of the LF.

LFBC has ambitious objectives and plans, both short as well as long term. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Encourage and build business and economic networks among the party community and its friends and supporters and create the means for businesses to support each other resulting in a healthy environment allowing business owners to develop and grow.

– Launch new projects in different sectors making use of all available resources among business men and women in the party and among friends and supporters. This will create new opportunities for businesses while supporting the party and enhancing its strength and presence in the Lebanese political scene. This will allow it to achieve its goals for a new free and modern Lebanon which we all dream of.

– Contribute in supporting the Lebanese economy by creating new jobs and assisting party members, friends and supporters find jobs in the Lebanese market through LFBC employment office.

– Supporting candidates to run for Lebanese economic entities, associations, and assemblies resulting in a strong and fruitful presence boosting the performance of all these entities, not forgetting required reforms.

We invite you to show your love and support for your country and community by joining us and helping us help you.

Aziz Stephan

LFBC President