We like to “Click” more than “Drive”

We don’t go to the post office to send business letters and proposals anymore, we have email now, and we definitely don’t buy a collection of 40 books to have an encyclopedia at home, we have Google for that, we don’t need to go to the bank to get a statement or transfer money anymore, there’s an app for that, just the same with our social lives, we don’t have to drive across the country to watch a video of some occasion or see pictures, we have Facebook for that. In the process of globalization, connecting people and making our routine tasks easier and faster, we have created a true Cyber-World where we can literally do everything we want except for having babies…

The Cyber-World is just like the real world, except it has mouse clicks and IP addresses instead of roads and buildings, with over 70% of the population today spending an average of 6 hours daily online communicating and doing different tasks, making it an advertising dream-land.

Smart businesses in Greater Beirut have already shifted from Outdoor and TV advertising, increasing their presence online, for the simple reason that 95% of their targeted audience are online where its easier to reach them, whether at their offices, homes or wherever they are using their smartphones and tablets, and better yet, allowing those companies to effectively advertise the entire year online for the cost of one small billboard campaign.

Moreover, targeted online advertising is allowing smaller businesses, which didn’t have enough budgets for advertising, to actually be present online pushing their sales within their limited budgets.

Not advertising online yet?

Marwan Rashid
LFBC Correspondent